Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sport Clips Huddle 2009

-Sport Clips has continued to be a dedicated supporter to the VFW Operation Uplink program. This week we travel to the "2009 Sport Clips Huddle" in Orlando to find out why this is such a military-oriented organization. Click here for the full show.

First up, Clete Brewer, Sport Clips president:
Click here to listen.

-Next, we have Dick Merrick, former Marine and current Sport Clips franchise owner:
Click here to listen.

-Then, we have a quick chat with VFW Inspector General Benny Bachand on his presentation to Sport Clips Founder and CEO, Gordon Logan. Then we hear Logan's reaction to the award:
Click here to listen.

-To finish up, we chat with Dick Mueller, vice president of franchise sales for Sport Clips:
Click here to listen.

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