Friday, November 21, 2008

VFW Day: National Military Service Programs, Youth Scholarships and Women Joining VFW !

It's been a long time comin'... finally, a day dedicated solely to the importance of the the nation's largest, most dedicated group of combat veterans that make up the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States(VFW).
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- First up, we'll speak with VFW Director of Programs and Special Projects, Steve Van Buskirk, on the VFW's military and youth scholarship programs, which disperse nearly $4 million in scholarships and savings bonds each year.

- Mike Penney, VFW Director of National Military Services, provides insight into VFW's many, and increasingly vital, military assistance programs including Operation Uplink, Unmet Needs and Adopt-a-Unit.

- VFW is one VSO where female members are welcomed and needed! A new VFW initiative, "She Serves", is geared to inform women of the new and changing face of the VFW. We'll speak with Debra Anderson, Assistant Director, Quartermaster General Administration, on this effort.