Friday, May 9, 2008

ASSIGNMENT AFGHANISTAN: VFW Radio, Fresh from the FOB at Camp Salerno, Afghanistan!

Back from his 3-week embed with the Angels of No Mercy Dust-Off crews at Camp Salerno, Jerry and The National Defense bring you interviews straight from the Forward Operating Base!
- What is the mission of the 48th Combat Support Hospital anyway? Commander, Lt. Col. Michael O'Guinn, explains the operations and daily occurrences of the FOB.
- Hospital 5's Chief Nurse, Lt. Col. Kathy Ponder talks about preparedness, injuries, and the unpredictability of serving at Camp Salerno.
- Sp. Heather Baird depicts the life changing experience of her first mission as a flight medic and coping when both loved ones are deployed.
HOT TOPICS: Crowd reaction before Toby Keith takes the stage! l Family shout-outs from the troops!