Thursday, July 17, 2008

Opportunity: The Army Reserve Employer Partnership Program!

- We'll speak with Col Diana Cleven of the Army Reserve about their new The Army Reserve Employer Partnership. The Army Reserve is partnering with companies like, Inova Health Systems, and the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia, to help ensure Soldiers have jobs when they return home. The Employer Outreach programs ultimate goal is to gain "partnership for a shared workforce," as well as enhance the recruitment process through career expansion.
- We'll also speak with SPC David R. Obray, named "Soldier of the Year" at the Army Reserves "Best Warrior" Competition. He'll talk with us about the competition and what this means for his future.
- VFW Comander-in-Chief, George Lisicki, speaks with us about his visit with troups recovering at Landstuhl from last week's attack on a remote outpost in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province.
- With the low level of violence in Iraq, and violence in Afghanistan at its highest, there is a need for more troops in Afghanistan. We discuss the yearning feeling some soldiers have to leave Iraq to fight in Afghanistan.

HOT TOPICS: 8,763 veterans died waiting for benefits!l Airport offers room and free snacks for troops!lU.S pulls out of attacked Afghan base!l Marine gives "Generation Kill" positive reviews!lIraq joins fight against terrorism!