Friday, September 18, 2009

POW/MIA Recognition Day

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-POW/MIA Recognition Day honors the commitments and the sacrifices made by our nation's prisoners of war and those who are still missing in action. First this week, we speak with Carol Jose, author of "You Are Not Forgotten," a book that relates in amazing detail the history of the National League of Families. Natalie Rauch, an MIA daughter of an Air Force pilot shot down in 1966, also joins us. After reading Carol's book, Natalie reached out to Carol, asking for help in finding any information about her dad, pictured above with Natalie's family. Within 48 hours, Carol had found a pilot who had known Natalie's dad, and saw him the very day he flew out of South Vietnam, never to be seen or heard from again. Natalie and Carol tell us about their emotional journey. We also discuss what our troops need to get the job done in Afghanistan.
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-Next, we speak with Ann Mills-Griffiths, Executive Director of the National League of POW/MIA Families, a position held since August 1978. The League is a non-profit, charitable organization, with voting membership comprised of Vietnam War returned POWs and POW/MIA and KIA/BNR family members. A humanitarian organization, the League is dedicated to securing the return of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and the return of remains of those who died serving our nation in Southeast Asia.
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