Friday, October 9, 2009

"Let Freedom Ring"/The History Channel's "Take a Vet to School" Program

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-First this week, we speak with George Ciampa, a World War II Army veteran of five campaigns in the European Theater. Decades after returning home, Ciampa has embarked on yet another campaign--this time his mission is to chronicle the personal stories of civilians, freedom fighters and veterans whose personal wartime experiences are vividly related in his two documentaries, Let Freedom Ring...The Lesson is Priceless, and Let Freedom Ring...Memories of France. Ciampa talks about producing and directing these documentaries, that he says, convey the true meaning and value of freedom.
We also talk about Afghanistan ambassador Saif Jawad asking the United States to send thousands more U.S. troops to his country to help promote stability and train the domestic security forces.
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-Next, we speak with The History Channel's chief historian, Dr. Libby O'Connell, and Mike Stiller, executive producer for The History Channel's landmark series, WWII in HD. Dr. O'Connell talks about their "Take a Veteran to School" program, a national campaign linking veterans of all ages with young people in schools and communities across the country. Last year, more than 600 schools participated. Stiller discusses the coinciding premiere of WWII in HD, a series culled from 3,000 hours of lost color footage which features the epic accounts of ten real soldiers who experienced this defining conflict.
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