Friday, April 3, 2009

Queensryche/VFW "Outstanding Posts"

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-“…And people sometimes lose the vision of where we came from. They’re sitting in the laps of luxury in a country that was built on over 3.5 million deaths…” So begins the saga of American Soldier, Queensryche's new album. We'll speak with lead singer Geoff Tate on the importance of their new album and what messages it sends.
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-When Sgt. Schafer returned from his second tour of Iraq, he was greeted by an overwhelming display of support thanks in large part to Ralph Gebes, VFW Department of Illinois. We'll speak with Gebes on the biggest event to hit Batavia "since JFK came through." Watch the video.
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-VFW Post 846 is set to participate in the Kansas City Barbeque Society Cook-Off on April 24th. We'll speak with Jim Lilleston on the upcoming event.
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