Thursday, July 22, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church/Global Medics/'Charlie Battery'

The National Defense shines a light on the seedy relationship springing up between the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and many of America's major media outlets. We also speak with Col. Kelly Snyder on Global Medics, and Professor Andrew Lubin, author of "Charlie Battery".

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  1. This Westboro Baptist Church is absolutely wrong in what they do but what they do is under what is called Freedom. Freedom is what we as the veteran defend. Was reading a website where the commander of the VFW from Rhode Island, Vincent S. Scirocco, put down his VFW title to come down on a Vietnam combat veteran about some motorcycle club business. This is not Freedom this is abuse and the VFW should contact this clown and never let him hold a position in the VFW again.


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