Friday, November 13, 2009

USAA/ King

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-First this week, we speak with Mike Kelly with USAA. Kelly tells us why the fiancial service provider, founded by military officers in 1922, decided to sponsor the VFW Operation Uplink "Free Call Day" this Veteran's Day. USAA is a diversified financial service group among the leading providers of financial planning, insurance, investments, and banking products for members of the U.S. military and their families.
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-Next, we have Jim Selbe, assistant vice president of Lifelong Learning, about the American Council on Education's new website, ACE launded this website on Veteran's Day in order to provide clear and concise information on all aspects of preparing veterans to enter or return to college.
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-After finishing up with Jim Selbe, we talk to Dan Fitzpatrick, Quality Dining CEO and Burger King franchisee, about Burger King restaurants' "buy a burger; donate a buck" campaign raising money for VFW Unmet Needs through November 30. Fitzpatrick owns 116 Burger King restaurants, and last year his group alone raised more than $100,000.
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-We finish talking to Fitzpatrick with a request we hope he can't turn down: shaving his head for VFW Unmet Needs.
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