Thursday, July 2, 2009

Together We Served/Mojave Desert Memorial Cross

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-First this week, we have Roger Byron, Esq. who is using his military expertise in a number of legal battles involving veterans' war memorials, including one case before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Mojave Desert Cross Veterans Memorial. Plus, we discuss some hot topics.
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-Next, we speak with Wesley Prater, co-founder of, a social networking site that helps service people re-connect with those they served with and share their service history.
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-To finish up, we have a few details about a new radio network and we discuss the repositioning of our troops overseas.
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  1. The ACLU has challenged the constitutionality of someone trading their 5 acres for this one acre, the land the memorial sits on. They say the problem is a cross on federal land but a trade would make it private land. This proves the issue ISNT a cross on federal land because it would be private land. The ACLU just gets their jollies on attacking Christianity.


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