Friday, March 6, 2009

New VA Legislation Breaks a Sacred Trust

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- New VA legislation would charge veterans for healthcare? It's true. We'll speak with VFW Director of Communications in Washington, Joe Davis, on this absurd concept and VFW's nationwide call to action on this issue.
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-The Associated Press recently reported the Army Emergency Relief fund (AER) is hoarding money. Col Catherine Abbott, Chief, Media Relations Division of the Army calls in to make sense of the report.
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  1. I believe that you judge people by what they do, not by what they say. Charging Veterans for service related injuries that have paid thier dues in blood is further proof positive that this administration does not respect the armed services or veterans. I'd go so far to say that most Democrats closetly hate them. Why else would queen Barney Frank float the trial balloon on reducing the services by 25% immediately after B.H.Obama's election.

  2. Agreed that charging veterans for service-related injuries is a load. However, stating that the current administration does not respect the armed services or veterans is just right-wing, Rush-style crap. I suggest before you spew your uninformed trash, you take the time out of your myopic life and research Obama’s record on veterans. I also suggest you consider who he picked to be secretary of VA.
    As for us “most” democrats “closetly” (not a word, dummy) hating “them”—do you actually believe it’s only REPUBLICANS who have fought, bled and died for this country? Rush sure as hell never did any time in the military – a pimple on his ass earned him a deferment. I’d also guess you never spent any time in a combat zone. If you don’t think we can cut 25% from military spending (as suggested by Frank and administration) just by eliminating waste, a corrupt and out of control contract system and cost overruns then you have your head buried deep in your ass.
    Switch the radio station, quit listening to Rush or Hannity and do some research!


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