Thursday, June 19, 2008

VA Official Takes Heat From VFW Over Chantix/PTSD Disclosure!

-The Washington Times/ABC News investigative report into the VA’s smoking cessation research program involving Chantix, has caused some serious questioning of VA accountability. Chantix has been linked to almost 40 suicides and more than 400 incidents of suicidal behavior. The drug's manufacturer and the FDA have recently cautioned healthcare providers about adverse side effects that could produce changes in behavior ranging from anxiety and depression to suicide. So, why was the drug given to 143 veterans suffering from PTSD? Who better to ask than VA's Chief of Research and Development, Joel Kupersmith? We'll sit down with him for some hard-hitting questions, and hopefully, some answers. (Click here to read VFW's press release)
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  1. hi my name is susan and IM 41 i live in FL and in Sept of 07 my doctor gave me a script for chantix so i filled it but dident take it until January of 08 it was the 19 of January and i took my first pill and by the threrd day i was having graphic night mares that were so real i woke up every two hours in sweat with images of my daughter on fire and her skin falling off it was the worst thing ive every been though until after a week on them, not knowing what was going on i got into the bath and was trying to drown myself. my husband found me and called the doctor i was taking off the chantix and put on xanax because of the night mares and now depression, it was bad it took a week but it was the worst hell ive every been though i contacted phizer and they sent me a paper to fill out and wanted to get my medical records but have heard nothing else from them since. my doctor will not pricribe this to any of her patience every again and I feel IM lucky to be alive if i had, the strength i probely done something else to kill myself but the lack of sleep just put me in the bath tub, thank God

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